Anyone, that's the point! No special skill required and whatever your financial situation and goals. It is simple, it is useful, it is for all of us who can access internet (granted this one rules out a large chunk of humanity, but we're getting there). I wish I had this before my first bank account.

Long story short: it took time to build, it brings value to you, it keeps us motivated to support users and continuously improve the product.

A high-level summary, an analytical dashboard, an expense/income tracker and reviewer, a budget planer, a (very very) simple bank accounts inventory.

You will also learn about financial planning, will be granted some very useful resources, and will be in the loop of future releases!

Once you will have copied the template, we won't have any idea of what you're doing, and the spreadsheet will be privately hold in your account. Maybe Google does though, so do considere it. But I doubt they care.

How does it work

You will receive an email with an URL file that will take you to the initial spreadsheet. This one is public and shared (but hidden) so don't try to edit it. Instead, go to file and copy it in your own space, so you can start go nuts and/or track your things. I'll conced it's a bit hacky but it integrates well with Gumroad, which gives us out of the box very secured payemements. I hope you will bear with us.

Since the whole product is a Google Spreadsheet, you should be able to quickly navigate it's content. Still, there is a fair amount of formulas to run the beast and you might accidentally break things if you customise it. We will be glad to help if needed, reach to us in the chatbox on the landing page.

Since we are actually using it ourselves, we tend to improve it over time. I'm also an engineer at heart, and I love to build new things around this project. Finally I also hope that new users of On a Budget will grow a community and foster new ideas. So no it's not done, there a few things quite manual or broken but stay tune and subscribe to our newsletter.

We will let you whenever new stuff comes in.


Hey we're Xavier and Brigitte, french and italian partners. We have a track record of working in startups and we love building things. I happen to not be so terrible at coding and she is an amazing digital project manager. So yeah we thought, why not launching something useful for people together? (and learn, and meet and make some extra cash, sure).

Glad you ask, you are highly welcomed to do so. You can reach us anytime clicking on the chat widget in the bottom right. Send us some feedback, advices, suggestions, whatever you would like to share.

Are you a developer? Have ideas? Join us.